ATHLETICS: Third place for Nene Valley Harriers

Andrea Jenkins' hammer fell just one centimetre behind the UK age group record, giving her an age group best throw of 50.10m
Andrea Jenkins' hammer fell just one centimetre behind the UK age group record, giving her an age group best throw of 50.10m
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Nene Valley Harriers men’s and women’s team returned from Wormwood Scrubs on Saturday with third place.

They finished just two points off second place and six from the match win which would have returned the club to top of the table.

The men’s team made some quick changes after a couple of withdrawals on Friday and then athletes not turning up as expected on the day.

The ladies team had been hit hard in the last week and again spaces had been filled.

Emily Maltby, competing in five individual events plus a relay, scored an impressive points tally of 17½.

Poppy Tovey, seeing there was a gap in the ladies pole vault which she had only just started training in, stepped in and unfortunately cut her leg while attempting 1.70m and needed seven stitches.

Chloe Pavey stepped in to fill her place in the 800m but this meant that she was too tired for the 2,000m steeplechase later in the day.

Imogen Woodard ran her first-ever chase and went on to produce a very creditable performance.

The club’s throwers went very close to rescuing the match with the ladies dropping only three points over all disciplines.

Becki Hall extended her club record shot putt with an impressive 12.70m.

Andrea Jenkins’ hammer fell just one centimetre behind the UK age group record – giving her an age group best throw of 50.10m.

Both ladies won their A string competitions with Lydia Church also recording two wins in the B strings.

The male throwers refused to be outdone with Martin Tinkler and Simon Achurch recording wins in the shot putt – giving maximum points.

Tomas Sanaurious and Achurch recorded the same feat in the javelin.

Achurch had an impressive day with three wins and a second place.

On the track Daz Holding and Dave Brown completed a 400m double win.

These performances led to an exciting climax to the day with the men’s 400m relay.

Brown, Olli Bowling, Dave Bush and anchor man Holding fought to hold onto second place and make every effort to catch the leaders Chelmsford.

Michael Channing’s 5,000m performances have shown a marked improvement each time and his time of 15:43.9 was one minute 20 seconds quicker than he had recorded on the track before and quicker than any of his road performances.

He was well supported by John Nash who also recorded a second place and in the ladies 3,000m Nicky Morgan and Imogen Woodard both gained third place finishes.

Rio Chilvers recorded his first-ever steeplechase win in the men’s 2,000m – knocking some 14 seconds off his personal best.

Rosie Fresen, after her second place in the pole vault, and Imogen Woodard ran good races in the same event and Chilvers had the support of pole vaulter Pete Lewis.

The club’s sprinters are getting back to strength with three wins in the ladies sprints and four second places, notably Lily Hughes producing one of her best performances this season.

The next match will be held at Crawley on Saturday, July 9.

Sweatshop Southern Athletics League

Division One – Round Three

Team: 1 Chelmsford 203, 2 Thames Valley Harriers 199, 3 Nene Valley Harriers 197½, 4 Walton 140.

Men’s A 100m: 3 Darrellon Holding (SM) 11.3, 3 David Brown (SM) 11.6.

Men’s A 200m: 3 Callum Crosbie (U20) 23.6, 3 David Brown (SM) 23.5.

Men’s A 400m: 1 Darrellon Holding (SM) 49.9, 1 David Brown (SM) 50.7.

Men’s A 800m: 3 Ollie Bowling (U20) 2:00.3, 2 Austin Herbert (U20) 2:01.9.

Men’s A 1500m: 4 Ollie Bowling (U20) 4:11.0, 3 James Vernau (SM) 4:29.9.

Men’s A 5000m: 2 Michael Channing (SM) 15:43.9, 2 John Nash (SM) 18:24.6.

Men’s A 110mH: 3 Sean Reidy (SM) 19.3, 2 David Bush (SM) 18.2.

Men’s A 400mH: 3 David Bush (U20) 57.3, 1 Sean Reidy (SM) 59.4.

Men’s A 2000m Steeplechase: 1 Rio Chilvers (U20) 6:54.4, 4 Peter Lewis (U20) 10:02.6.

Men’s A High Jump: 3 Sebastian Barker (U20) 1.70, 3 Tomas Saunorious (SM) 1.65.

Men’s A Pole Vault: 4 Adam Fidgett (SM) 3.20, 3 Peter Lewis (SM) 3.20.

Men’s A Long Jump: 3 Sebastian Barker (U20) 5.57, 3 Adam Fidgett (SM) 5.53.

Men’s A Triple Jump: 4 Sebastian Barker (U20) 11.31.

Men’s A Shot Putt: 1 Martin Tinkler (SM) 14.51, 1 Simon Achurch (M40) 12.28.

Men’s A Discus: 1 Martin Tinkler (SM) 41.54, 2 Simon Achurch (M40) 30.59.

Men’s A Hammer: 2 Isaac Huskisson (U20) 45.63, 1 Simon Achurch (M40) 39.51.

Men’s A Javelin: 1 Tomas Saunorious (SM) 57.33, 1 Simon Achurch (M40) 42.76.

Men’s 4x400m: 2 Nene Valley Harriers (SM) 3:26.3.

Women’s A 100m: 2 Lily Hughes (U20) 12.7, 1 Emily Maltby (U23) 12.7.

Women’s A 200m: 2 Lily Hughes (U20) 26.5, 1 Georgie Ivens (SW) 26.8.

Women’s A 400m: 1 Georgie Ivens (SW) 58.4, 4 Megan Pusey (U20) 66.1.

Women’s A 800m: 4 Chloe Pavey (U20) 2:35.3, 4 Jasmine Oldfield (U20) 2:50.4.

Women’s A 1500m: 4 Chloe Pavey (U20) 5:14.8, 4 Jasmine Oldfield (U20) 5:44.7.

Women’s A 3000m: 3 Nicky Morgan (W45) 11:08.5, 3 Imogen Woodard (U17) 12:42.9.

Women’s A 100mH: 2 Emily Maltby (U23) 15.7, 1 Rosie Jacobs (U20) 18.3.

Women’s A 400mH: 4 Rosie Jacobs (U20) 74.7, 2 Devon Spencer (SW) 83.1.

Women’s A 2000m Steeplechase: 4 Rosie Fresen (U17) 8:52.6, 3 Imogen Woodard (U17) 9:24.5.

Women’s A High Jump: 3 Emily Maltby (U23) 1.40, 2 Rosie Jacobs (U20) 1.40.

Women’s A Pole Vault: 2 Rosie Fresen (U17) 2.40, 2 Poppy Tovey (U20) 1.05.

Women’s A Long Jump: 2 Emily Maltby (U23) 5.02, 3 Ellie Mae Stokes (U20) 4.43.

Women’s A Triple Jump: 2 Emily Maltby (U23) 10.99, 1 Devon Spencer (SW) 10.09.

Women’s A Shot Putt: 1 Becki Hall (SW) 12.70, 1 Lydia Church (U17) 9.85.

Women’s A Discus: 2 Andrea Jenkins (W35) 36.98, 1 Becki Hall (SW) 31.29.

Women’s A Hammer: 1 Andrea Jenkins (W35) 50.10, 1 Lydia Church (U17) 34.57.

Women’s A Javelin: 2 Ellie Mae Stokes (U20) 32.79, 2 Andrea Jenkins (W35) 21.48.

Women’s 4x100m: 2 Nene Valley Harriers (SW) 52.4.

Women’s 4x400m: 2 Nene Valley Harriers (SW).

Non-scoring events: 5000 3 Paul Parkin (M50) 21:38.8, SP 1 Ken Baker (SM) 12.19, SP 2 Adam Fidgett (SM) 10.74, SP 3 Isaac Huskeson (U20) 7.48, DT 1 David Bush (SM) 33.63, DT 2 Adam Fidgett (SM) 28.93, DT 3 Isaac Huskisson (U20) 28.29, HTW 1 Kelly Lawrence (SW) 33.05, TJ 1 Ellie Mae-Stokes (U20) 9.90, DTW 1 Kelly Lawrence (SW) 22.29.