ATHLETICS: Harriers crowned league champions

Donovan Capes competed at Luton in the East Anglian League final meeting for Nene Valley Harriers where he smashed his club discus record with a throw of 31.97m to take back his number one ranking with over a metre.
Donovan Capes competed at Luton in the East Anglian League final meeting for Nene Valley Harriers where he smashed his club discus record with a throw of 31.97m to take back his number one ranking with over a metre.
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Nene Valley Harriers won the Southern League title with a 100 per cent record.

A great weekend for the club started at Southampton on Saturday as they finished in front of the host club, Woking and Belgrave Harriers.

Nene Valley Harriers

Nene Valley Harriers

This season’s title has come from teamwork, commitment and hard effort with athletes competing in multiple events for the best of the club rather

than necessarily for them individually.

Nene Valley first won the league two years ago when confirmation did not come for a few days due to the close match point win.

This time was different as there were no doubts after achieving a perfect record with wins at Peterborough, Bedford, Colchester, Crawley and Southampton.

A number of the club’s under-17s have moved their careers forward alongside their senior ranks.

Ronan Rawlings claimed a close-fought double sprint victory in the 100m and 200m.

Also coming into the senior squad were brother and sister Aaron and Saskia Hunt.

Aaron won the 800m in marginally under two minutes, supported by Ollie Bowling who was unlucky not to break the magic barrier.

Saskia, usually a cross-country and road athlete, ‘volunteered’ for the 3,000m in order to fill spaces and picked up good points.

Meanwhile, under-17 lady Alex Stubley competed in the javelin after getting clearance from her physio just two days before the match and scored valuable points, along with mum and dad who helped to ensure the club had sufficient officials – all three scoring throughout the season.

Newcomer Cipi Miranda won the long, triple and high jump competitions.

Sean Garmory’s return from Northumbria University has seen an improvement in his 400m almost race on race.

Emily Maltby competed in five individual events and recorded four second-place results as well as second in the 4x100m relay.

Ellie Mae Stokes stepped in to cover the 200m but still won her long jump and was second in the triple jump.

Under-20 Megan Pusey, usually a B string long sprints athlete, stepped up as the leading 200m and 400m runner – even running the 100m immediately before her 400m so that the team did not lose points.

Team manager Tim Needham said: “We are extremely proud of every athlete and volunteer who has helped the club take this title.

“Everyone has stepped in to fill gaps, get fellow athletes to the venues and help officiate at matches. This title is yours.”

Result: Nene Valley Harriers 220, Southampton 208, Woking 194, Belgrave Harriers 167.

Men’s A 100m: 1 Ronan Rawlings (U17) 11.3, 3 Abraham Jones (U20) 12.4.

Men’s A 200m: 1 Ronan Rawlings (U17) 23.1, 2 Callum Crosby (U20) 23.6.

Men’s A 400m: 1 Sean Garmory (U23) 51.3, 3 Abraham Jones (U20) 53.8.

Men’s A 800m: 1 Aaron Hunt (U17) 1:59.3, 1 Ollie Bowling (U20) 2:00.

Men’s A 1500m: 2 James McCrae (U23) 4:09.8, 1 Ollie Bowling (U21) 4:19.5.

Men’s A 5000m: 3 Michael Channing (SM) 16:33.6, 4 Sean Beard (M50) 18:06.1.

Men’s A 110m Hurdles: 2 Sean Reidy (SM) 16.9, 2 Adam Fidgett (SM) 20.2.

Men’s A 400m Hurdles: 3 Sean Reidy (SM) 60.8, 1 David Bush (SM) 61.5,

Men’s A 2000m Steeplechase: 4 James Macdonald (SM) 5:55.9, 1 Rio Chilvers (U20) 6:06.2.

Men’s A High Jump: 1 Cipriano Miranda (U20) 1.81, 1 Grigorij Kondratovic (U20) 1.70.

Men’s A Pole Vault: 2 Carl Titman (SM) 3.70, 2 Grigorij Kondratovic (U20) 3.50.

Men’s A Long Jump: 1 Cipriano Miranda (U20) 6.26, 2 Lewis Cunningham (U23) 5.40.

Men’s A Triple Jump: 1 Cipriano Miranda (U20) 13.25, 1 Callum Winchester-Wright (U20) 13.16.

Men’s A Shot Putt: 1 Martin Tinkler (SM) 14.34, 1 Benjamin Stephens (U20) 13.24.

Men’s A Discus: 2 Martin Tinkler (SM) 39.28, 3 Simon Achurch (M40) 31.41.

Men’s A Hammer: 1 Isaac Huskisson (U20) 42.88, 1 Simon Achurch (M40) 41.74.

Men’s A Javelin: 3 David Bush (SM) 44.49, 3 Simon Achurch (M40) 37.99.

Men’s 4x100m: 2 Nene Valley Harriers (SM) 45.4.

Men’s 4x400m: 1 Nene Valley Harriers (SM) 3:32.8.

Women’s A 100m: 2 Emily Maltby (U23) 12.9, 3 Megan Pusey (U20) 13.9.

Women’s A 200m: 4 Megan Pusey (U20) 28.9, 3 Ellie Mae Stokes U23 30.2.

Women’s A 400m: 2 Megan Pusey (U20) 63.4, 2 Rosie Jacobs (U23) 65.9.

Women’s A 800m: 3 Emma Randall (SW) 2:24.8, 4 Chloe Pavey (U20) 2:33.5.

Women’s A 1500m: 4 Emma Randall (SW) 5:04.2, 4 Chloe Pavey (U20) 5:19.8.

Women’s A 3000m: 4 Imogen Woodard (U20) 12:30.5, 4 Saskia Hunt (U17) 14:01.8.

Women’s A 100m Hurdles: 2 Emily Maltby (U23) 16.9, 1 Rosie Jacobs (U23) 18.2.

Women’s A 400m Hurdles: 1 Rosie Jacobs (U23) 71.4.

Women’s A 2000m Steeplechase: 3 Rosie Fresen (U20) 9:53.4, 3 Devon Spencer (SW) 12:44.3.

Women’s A High Jump: 3 Emily Maltby (U23) 1.50, 2 Rosie Jacobs (U23) 1.45.

Women’s A Pole Vault: 3 Rosie Fresen (U20) 3.00, 1 Devon Spencer (SW) 2.30.

Women’s A Long Jump: 2 Emily Maltby (U23) 5.26, 1 Ellie Mae Stokes (U23) 4.99.

Women’s A Triple Jump: 2 Emily Maltby (U23) 11.35, 2 Ellie Mae Stokes (U23) 10.84.

Women’s A Shot Putt: 1 Becki Hall (SW) 12.39, 1 Lydia Church (U20) 9.94.

Women’s A Discus: 3 Becki Hall (SW) 30.18, 3 Kelly Lawrence (SW) 27.85.

Women’s A Hammer: 2 Lydia Church (U20) 35.56, 2 Kelly Lawrence (SW) 25.85.

Women’s A Javelin: 3 Ellie Mae Stokes (U23) 29.32, 3 Alex Stubley (U17) 18.72.

Women’s 4x100m: 4 Nene Valley Harriers (SW) 54.9.

Women’s 4x400m: 3 Nene Valley Harriers (SW) 4:37.3.