YOUTH CLUB: Incompatible with library

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Val Gemmell’s letter suggests that the current Holbeach library is too small to develop and that it should be moved to the youth club which has a large rear car park.

As a trustee of the youth club I can confirm that there is absolutely no intention of moving the library to the youth club (the usable area is actually smaller than the current premises).

The successful youth club held there every Friday night, averaging 67 children in the last month, would be incompatible with static library provision, unless she is willing to move the entire stock every Friday night into some storage area that we don’t have!

The trustees of the youth club have an aim to extend the youth club to a second night within the next six to seven months as we further develop the range of activities for young people. This will not include a library.

Nick Work

Holbeach Youth Club trustee