Youth centre’s future secured

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A youth centre which has had an uncertain future is set to get a new lease of life now the county council has secured someone to run it.

The community is being urged to get behind social enterprise company Not All Bad which Lincolnshire County Council has selected to run Bourne Youth Centre in Queen’s Road.

Not All Bad, which currently runs holiday events from the centre, “ticked all the boxes” and can take over the provision of youth services in Bourne and surrounding area.

Bourne town councillor Paul Fellows, a member of the youth centre’s managerial committee, said: “It is necessary for the town to get behind Not All Bad and support them to make it work.”

“Not All Bad seems to be providing a good community service.”

Not All Bad is run by Richard and Liz Nauyokas from Billingborough.

Any money made from subscriptions will, after the deduction of costs, be ploughed back into the service.

The service will be based at Bourne Youth Centre and operate outreach services, supporting the setting up of youth clubs and helping to find volunteers to run them.

Lincolnshire county councillor Sue Woolley (Con) representing Bourne Abbey ward, said: “I am absolutely delighted we have got to a situation where we can have a vibrant, thriving youth centre which is drawing more and more people in.

“The best thing is that the youth workers who are currently at the centre can now get out into the community and work with more children in the 

“So we are going to be in a position where we have more provision of youth services in the area, especially in the villages which has to be a great thing.”

The final contracts and legal issues concerning the takeover of the centre are being dealt with.