YOUR VIEWS: Why fine someone who has no money?

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Reader's letter
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The DSS and judiciary’s abuse of citizens, supposedly on our behalf, as in the reported case inlast week’s Lincolnshire Free Press, has made me write that, it’s Jobsworth’s Catch 22 awards time again.

A person comes in front of the magistrates, because they have had to steal as they have no money, their benefit being stopped, because they were late attending an interview.

Wow, inexcusable and unforgivable in the eyes of the DSS jobsworths, only obeying the rules brigade.

So having no money, they stole and the only obeying the rules, jobsworth magistrates fined them.

Better perhaps if the magistrates asked their fellow jobsworths at the DSS what the hell they are playing at, creating destitution in society, and then asked themselves what the hell good is fining a person who has no money?

Talk about putting the boot in when someone’s down.

If any of these clowns think they are somehow doing their job on behalf of society etc I’ve got news for them – they are just doing their jobsworths and it’s just for themselves alone.

A decent society shouldn’t expect its members to be treated this way in the 21st Century.