YOUR VIEWS: Time to elect some real opposition

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The upcoming Lincolnshire County Council elections are our only opportunity to get some real opposition to these Tory cuts.

There have been many cuts made by the ruling Conservative group at county council level. Street lights switching off and grass cutting has been significantly reduced. Services are being cut and council taxes are rising.

Lincolnshire has always been a Conservative stronghold and I feel it is time to elect some real opposition.

Interestingly, the Conservatives failed to win a clear majority four years ago. However ‘Independent’ councillors joined the Conservative ruling group, thus giving the Tories a clear majority and licence to cut services.

Really, the only way to have some real opposition is to vote for a Labour candidate. Perhaps with a few more Labour councillors someone can challenge Tory cuts.

The Independent councillors clearly have no interest in being in opposition and seem quite happy to side with the Tories, making their claims of independence laughable to say the least.

Voting Independent will not create opposition. So I sincerely hope Labour will up its game and give us a real alternative to Conservative establishment.