YOUR VIEWS: Redressing the balance over hospital

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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Boston Pilgrim Hospital has suffered a bad press lately following a fire , a fatal accident and delays in A&E. I am writing to redress the balance.

I was referred to the endoscopy department by my GP with suspected bladder cancer. This was confirmed by cystoscopy and followed up by CT and ultra sound scans.

I underwent surgery by the urological consultant to remove a growth in the bladder lining. I then spent a week in the urological ward during which time I had further scans because careful examination of first scans showed what was suspected to be a large aneurysm in the aorta.

This weakening of a major artery was confirmed and I was left in no doubt that I was at serious risk of a major medical disaster.

My second stay in Pilgrim followed a seven hour operation to repair the aorta, leaving me with a scar from breast bone to bikini line. This operation was performed by the vascular consultant and his team. I have had a follow up check by the vascular surgeon and have been given the all-clear and am due a further bladder check in a week’s time.

The whole drama started with my peeing blood and the prompt action by my GP at Gosberton; one examination led to another, eventually revealing a life threatening situation.

I am greatly indebted to the skill and dedication of the expert surgeons and their teams who performed the operations and to those who carried out and who interpreted such vital scans.

I want to thank the nursing staff for their care, compassion and encouragement during my recovery in the urological ward, the high dependency unit and Ward 5B. My appointments were carried out on time, I had little waiting about and no appointments were cancelled or rescheduled. Well done all round.

For one in his very late seventies this first experience as a hospital patient was infinitely better than one might expect from many of the reports one reads regarding Boston Pilgrim hospital and the NHS.