YOUR VIEWS: Please say ‘yes’ to town council consultation

Rev John Bennett
Rev John Bennett
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South Holland District Council has launched a two-week consultation on whether to look at setting up a town council for Spalding.

The consultation is not asking whether we want to have a town council in Spalding but whether we would like the district council to put the necessary time and money into working out how a town council will work and what extra cost, if any, there might be for council tax payers in Spalding.

I have met many people over the seven years I have lived and worked in Spalding who have expressed their frustration with the lack of a town council.

These have mostly been members of organisations who want to do things for the town but feel limited by the lack of a local council with whom they can talk to 
co-ordinate initiatives.

I appreciate that some will be doubtful about this prospect and will want to argue against having, as they would see it, an extra layer of bureaucracy.

I am happy to declare my view, which is that Spalding needs a town council made up of active people who want the town to prosper and have the vision to plan for that.

It is important if we are going to have a full discussion about the pros and cons of a town council that enough people respond positively to the consultation, whether we do that online or by returning the paper sent out with our council tax bills.

If we do nothing then the chance to decide whether a town council would be good for Spalding will be lost again.

Whether you do or don’t want a town council, and especially if you are not sure about it, please say ‘yes’ to the consultation, so that we can have an informed public debate.