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“Dead, diverse, challenging and racist” – just some of the one-word descriptions of Spalding provided by friends of our Facebook page over the weekend.

On Friday evening, we asked you on to describe the town in one word.

The request had an amazing response, with 1,900 people viewing it and over 150 commenting.

Unfortunately, many of the posts were negative, although a few people stood up for their town.

Here area selected few: Louise Meachen – Dead, Linda Milbank – Diverse; Sarah Lowe – Avoidable, Sam Heanes – Dreary, Julie Edmonds – Dump, Auran Lyonheart – Shrouded, Jenny Bowditch – Horrible, Sharon Louise Peters-Sharry – Pretty, Kimberley Jade – Miserable, Lisa Flatters – Disappointing.

Some of you also added additional comments.

Lea Flynn said: “ If it’s that bad here maybe people should move elsewhere and take their pessimistic views with them.

“Or maybe volunteer to do something about it. It’s the horrid attitudes that drag the place down.”

Thelma Vedaa van Arne-Bergen added: “Dirty – thanks to the nasty people who just drop their litter including alcoholic drinks cans/bottles. But I still love you Spalding.”

And Ken Bridges said: “Spalding is bad? You really haven’t travelled much out of the county then have you peeps.

“Spalding maybe has a lot of down points, but I’d still rather live here than most place I go through/visit.”

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