YOUR VIEWS: No such thing as sustainable development

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Reader's letter
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You ask for our opinions on the proposed developments in Cowbit . A few facts might be helpful.

The population of this country has grown, in my lifetime, from about 44million to officially 67million, although some experts believe it to be nearer to 77million.

The population of Cowbit, in the last 40 years, has grown from 600 to about 3,000 (more than our fair share).

There is no such thing as sustainable development – - there is no more land being made!

The whole of the United Kingdom comprises about 60million acres. We now import more than half our food. This is food growing land. More than 60 per cent of the green groceries consumed in the whole country come from this area and surrounding fens.

Central government dictates that we must build an extra 100,000 houses in Lincolnshire. This means, at least, an extra 200,000 cars on Lincolnshire roads – an extra car for every 40 yards of road.

It is a fallacy to imagine that you can ever catch up. The more houses that you build, the more you will have to build. Every ‘essential’ worker brought into this area will bring with him a tail of dependants who will put more strain on local services and more housing.

It is a criminal waste to cover this land with concrete and roads. To encourage the exponential growth of the population is to invite the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.