YOUR VIEWS: MPs’ conduct schoolyard behaviour

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Yet again MP John Hayes attempts to influence us all with his own subjective interpretation of fact.

He mentions “Political affairs in Westminster are conducted very differently – for the most part through careful Parliamentary consideration and compromise between people of differing views, typically respecting their adversaries.”

“Typically respecting their adversaries”.

Has he ever watched the schoolyard behaviour of MPs on the floor of the House of Commons, witnessed whip activity that bludgeons MPs into towing the party line and penalises those that don’t or listened to the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg who believes it’s perfectly acceptable to block private member bills by filibustering?

“People increasingly seek out news online that merely reinforces their prejudices.”

Can he please name just one major newspaper that doesn’t pander to the preconceived prejudices of its readers?

As to fake news.

Almost all politicians who entered the Britexit fray corrupted the truth. Isn’t that also fake news?

Such a pity Mr Hayes continues to spout inaccurate history, generalised platitudes and biased interpretation of fact rather than answer specific comments made by his constituents.

Mr Hayes, if you wish to apportion blame, don’t look to the web, just take a look at traditional media and your own place of work.

Our existing political system is riddled with systemic childish behaviour, activities that corrupt democratic process and those that pervert fact.