YOUR VIEWS: Legal system more in favour of the criminal

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I usually resist the temptation to read the Court Register as it makes me angry to see the whimsical way penalties are imposed by our judiciary.

Alas, I recently succumbed.

Vivian Gedney and Scott McKenzie receive a £175/£220 fine, £30 v/s, £85 costs for no MOT but Saulius Grigaitis receives “no separate penalty” for the same offence.

Rebecca Courton sentenced for drink-driving and taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent, but escapes a penalty for no insurance.

Yet Ernestas Zilinskas, Filip Toma, Rogerio Da Costa and Danus Rudacevskij receive substantial fines plus other charges for the same offence. Incidentally, Ms Courton received an 18-month plus a 12-month driving ban for the two separate offences. Anyone care to wager they are to run concurrently?

How about shoplifter James Simpson?He still 
receives community orders that apparently does little to change his behaviour.

I could go on.

I ask that you publish the names of magistrates along with those they sentence. We will then better understand those that are more suited to managing supermarkets offering discount for multiple “transactions” rather than prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Maybe I’m too old to fully understand the delicacies of modern living, but believe our legal system is more in favour of the criminal rather than administrating justice. Time for rebellion?