YOUR VIEWS:Holbeach can be turned around

Paul Foyster
Paul Foyster
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Your article on the regeneration of Holbeach High Street (Spalding Guardian, March 9) is interesting.

I’ve been pushing for years to get 106 funds to be used to directly benefit the town, rather than to subsidise Spalding and Lincoln.

People and traders in Holbeach have heard promises of funding before but other than Peppermint junction, which took many years to materialise, and some tinkering with the Market Hill traffic lights, little happens other than ever more homes being built, often in inappropriate locations and with infrastructure falling round our ears.

I wonder when we will get to hear from South Holland District Council about the large local petition regarding the Boston Road car park and market – that’s gone very quiet. Let’s hope the proposals come to something.

I also attended the Civic Society meeting and offered to assist if I could. Money would without doubt help, but it’s effectiveness rather depends on how it’s spent and on that I reserve judgement.

The High Street is a mess, worse than anyone remembers, with multiple closed and crumbling shops and footfall declining daily, especially since the new town sub-centre opened at the Co-op.

That project looks great, the volunteers do an excellent job and I’m pleased we have retained even a reduced library after four-odd years of speculation over its future. Shame that the withdrawing of library funding was not mentioned before the last county election – it was certainly being considered and I suspect these new proposals owe as much to the new May elections as anything else.

Personally I’ll be continuing to agitate for a better deal for Holbeach, sometimes pressure pays off, at the same time as quietly doing whatever I can directly to improve our town. It can be turned round but we need everyone to co-operate, local politicians, residents, schools, shop landlords and traders.

There is no magic wand, cash alone can’t buy a solution and no council or other public body can change things on their own.