YOUR VIEWS: Give us three good reasons why Brexit will help us

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Surely John Hayes MP goes too far in his latest ‘Hayes in the House’ column (Free Press, Tuesday, March 21).

First, he mocks the Scots for having the temerity to think about separating from England in order to remain in the EU – likening this to the “pre-match swagger” of the Scottish rugby union team at Twickenham – and then he says the Scots were “made to look daft as Eddie Jones’ team won by a huge margin”.

Does the arrogance of John Hayes know no bounds?

Will he ever begin to address the very real reasons why people locally made a justifiable ‘protest vote’ last June against pressing problems they face, such as access to affordable housing, healthcare, social care, school places and policing, and the impact of totally unplanned, unmanaged migration – all of which are absolutely the responsibility of Westminster, not Brussels or the EU.

Incidentally, what John Hayes neglected to mention in his latest column is that Eddie Jones, whom he clearly admires, comes from Australia... so clearly he’ll have to go home under Theresa May’s new hard Brexit plans.

Personally, I’m struggling to tolerate living under an extreme right-wing, authoritarian Conservative majority government in Westminster. So why would the good people of Scotland feel comfortable about being governed by the same extreme right-wing, authoritarian Conservative majority government in Westminster, given there’s only one Conservative MP in Scotland?

Come on, John Hayes, please give us – in your next ‘Hayes in the House’ column – at least three good reasons why Brexit will help those of us living locally, given all the objective evidence suggests everything will be much worse after Brexit... and I suspect you know this too (but, of course, you can’t say this, because you have to support your party leader).