YOUR VIEWS: Embrace all potential developments

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Holbeach news.
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I read with interest Paul Foyster’s comments on what Holbeach could do with.

Most of the points are valid and of course they would help in an ideal world.

The main thing we should do is embrace all of the potential developments for the town and fight tooth and nail to get some sort of community infrastructure levy or rooftop tax on each and every plot. The parish council should administer this money.

My main suggestion would be for the council to explore a one-way sytem.

What makes Long Sutton, Crowland, Deepings shops survive? It is, of course, the ample parking outside of the town’s shops. Why do we need a five-metre path outside the church one way down High Street, turn right down Barrington Gate and back up Church Street. Yes buy a shop or two, in fact buy property and land and apply for the much-needed facilities to be built on or in these sites.