YOUR VIEWS: Drivers don’t have a clue on this road

The notorious A16
The notorious A16
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After reading the thoughts of Martin Yorke in the Spalding Guardian last week regarding the B1166 Junction and The A16 road. The photograph in your paper was taken on May 31 last year – during this meeting alterations to the junction were discussed.

Richard Davies (Lincolnshire County Council highways department) said on the day there would be no roundabout because of cost and that slowing traffic down and changes to the junction were required.

Nigel Pepper and David Ringham (South Holland District Councillors) seemed more concerned with the old Crowland road with it becoming a race track and a short cut to the A16 Peterborough Junction,

John Hayes (MP for South Holland & Deepings at the time and Minister of Transport) talked about passing places, no major changes due to it being a new road and money etc.

Myself, I’ve been raising awareness on the safety of the Junction and the A16 since they started to build it, ie too many bends, junction to many confusing entrances, exits etc. It was agreed by all, the junction was unsafe and there’s problems with the road.

Now I’ll return to what’s been done since that meeting, apart from Mr Pepper on his election statement that he was a campaigner for changes made to the junction. Nothing,

That is where it will be until we have another major/serious incident, which is only time before it happens, watching from my driving experiences on the junction and road. Drivers don’t have a clue on this deadly, confusing junction and road.

Anyone Listening. NO.