YOUR VIEWS: District council has destroyed Holbeach

Joan Woolard
Joan Woolard
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The last nail in the Holbeach coffin was the removal of the market from High Street to Boston Road South car park.

This was done by South Holland District Council without consultation or reference to Holbeach Parish Council, of which I was a member.

I found this outrageous decision unbelievable and also baffling especially as Holbeach appeared to accept the decision without protest.

How could an elected parish council be completely ignored, trampled into the ground, the town destroyed, by such a disastrous decision with no redress whatever?

Footfall was already low but is now virtually non-existent and very few shops have the stamina or resources to continue trading in such negative conditions.

It must be hoped that the district council is dissolved as soon as possible before they inflict further damage on those they are supposed to represent.