YOUR VIEWS: Development could not be in a worse place

Planned devlopment site
Planned devlopment site
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My views on the proposed fast food development at Sutterton roundabout.

I cannot think of a worse place to be even thinking of putting this development.

The approaches to the Sutterton roundabout get gridlocked most of the time, especially at rush hour, so having this development would just congest the area even more which is effecting our Dowdyke Road which is a single track lane.

A lot of traffic now use our lane as a cut-through from the A16 to the A17 with no care for the community and at great speeds as we have no speed restrictions – which is something we are fighting for at the moment.

Also, with having the McDonald’s this would create loads more rubbish, which again is reflecting down our lane, with rubbish strewn about from the ever-increasing traffic.

And also you only need to visit the Little Chef on the opposite side of the roundabout to see what a disgusting mess it is with all the rubbish strewn about. Not a good 
example to be wanting to create more places like this, especially in the countryside. And this development would be a blight on the views we have, as at present all you can see are fields and farm buildings which is what you would expect to see in the countryside – not an eyesore like they are proposing.