YOUR VIEW: Why do bus passes even have to be renewed?

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Reader's letter
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Re: ‘Delay could affect thousands waiting for new bus passes’ (Free Press, May 2).

I wonder if anyone can give me a rational explanation why bus passes for the elderly need to be renewed.

None of us are get younger, and our appearance changes very little, until we become too old to catch a bus.

Perhaps it’s just ‘jobs for the boys’?

That is, to keep local authority employees in work renewing 6,000 bus passes. Even renewing the ‘usual’ 1,200 – 1,500 bus passes sounds to me like a complete and utter waste of tax-payers’ funds.

In the absence of any rational explanation of the need to renew bus passes, perhaps I could ask our MP, John Hayes, to raise it with the appropriate department to see if it can be stopped; thus saving many thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money across the country, which could be better used to reduce the ‘cuts’ currently being imposed on services.

The renewal of a bus pass is not a service if renewals are not actually needed.