YOUR VIEW: Why call Sutton Bridge marina Cross Keys?

Sutton Bridge marina under construction.
Sutton Bridge marina under construction.
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An article in the Lincolnshire Free Press (July 19, 2016), described the work in progress on the Cross Keys Marina in Sutton Bridge.

Lincolnshire County Council is now completing the project, which was set up by a community interest company (CIC).

Why has the county council decided to call the marina Cross Keys Marina when CIC correctly called it Nene Marina? Cross Keys (Walpole Cross Keys) is in Norfolk.

Before 1631, when Sir Cornelius Vermuyden began to enclose the marshes in the Nene estuary, the local people relied on the marshes as their common land, and had, for centuries, used the products of the marsh.

There was much resistance to the embanking of the marsh. Locals would destroy the newly-erected sea banks during the night; they also petitioned King Charles I, who was instrumental in the enclosure of the marshes.

Various maps show where the former course of the Nene flowed close to the Norfolk coast.

The river at that time determined the boundaries of the marsh for the settlements on the medieval sea bank.

Between Long Sutton and Walpole Cross Keys, the marsh was about five miles in extent; the marsh (or wash) belonging to Long Sutton was about four miles wide. Cross Keys wash was part of the marsh belonging to Walpole St Andrew and Walpole St Peter.

By 1640, Vermuyden had enclosed Tydd St Mary marsh, Sutton wash and Lutton marsh.

With the outbreak of civil war, further enclosures were postponed and a counter bank was made to protect the enclosed marshes.

When the Cross Keys embankment was made in 1831, and a new outfall for the Nene was dug close to the 1640 sea bank, this was made in the remaining part of Sutton wash.

It is incorrect to claim that it was in Cross Keys wash.

The county boundary between Norfolk and Lincolnshire has been realigned and is now closer to Walpole Cross Keys on the sea bank of 1700.

Cross Keys (Walpole Cross Keys) is in Norfolk, not in Lincolnshire.