YOUR VIEW: Why are they trying to kill Spalding?

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Having seen that plans are afoot to expand Springfields Outlet Centre because of the lack of retail space in the town, I wonder which town our councillors actually live in. It can’t be Spalding.

There is ample space in Spalding for expansion. Look at the empty Johnson Hospital; that could be developed into a small mall full of quirky shops which could become a real attraction. It just needs a bit of imagination to restore Spalding to the thriving market town that it was a few years ago – imagination that our councillors lack, which makes me wonder what their real agenda is.

Spalding is dying and our councillors don’t care. Springfields does nothing to help the footfall in the town centre. Visitors just do not make the trip into the town centre which is why our local traders are in danger. And who can blame them when, apart from a handful of independent retailers like Hills, Flowers N Things and Bookmark, all they have to entice them are eastern European supermarkets with their plastic covered windows, estate agents and charity shops. Our councillors should be doing all they can to preserve our town instead of putting all their energies into destroying it.

It’s about time we stood up to our councillors and told them that they are not fit for purpose. This town needs people with vision and drive, people who are passionate in their desire to restore Spalding to its former glory, people who are prepared to work for the good of the town and not just for self glorification.

Our councillors are not delivering – they need to be replaced.