YOUR VIEW: We haven’t got a hope at all

John Hayes MP
John Hayes MP
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John Hayes comments (in his MP’s column last week) on Andrew Haldane’s prophecy that exiting the EU would have a detrimental and immediate impact. He then goes on to state Haldane’s prediction was wholly inaccurate.

Obviously Mr Hayes doesn’t fuel his own car nor uses oil to heat his home. The price of both products shot up within weeks of our exit and as a 
direct result of that decision.

His use of the word wholly is yet another example of those with influence misrepresenting the truth.

He goes on to quote the likes of Burke who spoke about untaught feelings. Burke died in 1797 so didn’t have the first clue about how modern thinking is influenced by the media, politicians, religious bigotry and the lamentable failure of our educational system to objectively inform our children. All ignore or misrepresent the truth, some to the point of outright lies.

Current untaught feelings are the direct result of ignorance and the corrupt influence of those that wish to impose their own opinions rather than educate.

Then there’s his use of the word morality. Shouldn’t that have been ethics? Ethical standards are pure and uncluttered by religious interpretation. Mr Hayes should know the difference as he voted against gay marriage as a direct result of his religious conviction – something he failed to mention when last standing for election.

Above all is his use of terminology and vocabulary that escape most; I’m reasonably well read but still had to look up paucity.

We need leaders in all fields that can honestly and fully inform. Alas, we have an MP with religious and political agendas, a foreign secretary (arguably the single most important individual when negotiating our exit) that continually opens his mouth before engaging his brain, a prime minister that appointed Boris the Buffoon, denies the obvious (Trident misfire) and attempts to avoid due process by trying to prevent the House of Commons from debating the implications of our EU exit.

As to the media who pander to the perjuries of the ill-informed and a school system that fails to educate…

We haven’t got a hope.