YOUR VIEW: We have a population crisis

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Reader's letter
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Regarding the call by South Holland District Council deputy leader Nick Worth (Cabinet Call, Spalding Guardian, June 22)for new homes to be built – he is thinking no more than a couple of years ahead.

He wants to attract more people of working age to this area but neglects the fact that they in turn will grow old and in actual fact many people retire here from the urban environment attracted by cheap housing.

We do not have a housing problem – we have a population crisis. Short-termism is not the answer and ‘Going for Growth’ is to accelerate the dependence of our nation on others. When he refers to grants he means your money (the taxpayer’s) being given to otherwise non-viable businesses (no one gave me a grant to start my business.) A bribe to start a business in one area as opposed to another only distorts industry and leads to instability.

Typical of the waste, the Spalding Enterprise Way, built on seed proving grounds, the best land in the county, our essential prime industry is sacrificed for short-termism. Acres of factory roofing and not one solar panel in sight

The planners will not be happy until this whole land is covered in concrete and roadways Many farmers want a twenty plus year pay packet, selling land to developers and to hell with future generations.