YOUR VIEW: We endorse CLA advice on sky lanterns

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We wholeheartedly endorse the Country Land and Business Association’s advice regarding dangerous sky lanterns.

As livestock farmers, these lanterns are a disaster waiting to happen.

We have large straw stacks which, in a dry time, can easily catch fire should one of these lanterns land on one of them.

We also have cattle and sheep grazing on grassland and the wire and sharp pieces of bamboo are highly dangerous to ruminants.

Cattle are particularly curious and very likely to ingest foreign bodies such as the aforementioned.

In the past, when we were inundated by coarse fishermen from places such as Sheffield, we lost two or three cattle unexpectedly. Post-mortem examinations showed fishing tackle such as hook disgorgers, line and lead weights in their stomachs.

We would also point out that any lanterns which land on cereal, hay or silage fields could also be inadvertently baled up and, again, ingested by livestock.

Our belief is that these lanterns should be banned from sale in the UK.

Perhaps, if a thatched cottage belonging to a government minister was to catch fire because one landed on the roof, then something would be done.

May we also suggest that you contact the National Farmers’ Union for its comments.