YOUR VIEW: We deserve a lot better from BT

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In recent times, we have been troubled with BT broadband problems that some readers may be aware of.

Since an article written by Winston Brown appeared a few weeks ago relating to our problems and my own minor efforts, I have been approached by other sufferers, sorry customers, who have similar problems.

I am minded to send an invitation to BT’s chief executive, Gavin Patterson, to come to Spalding to explain why we have these issues.

From those who have been in touch, it seems the biggest problem is making oneself heard as the major stumbling point is the firm’s customer services department in Mumbai.

Those people who have the presence to complain are told that if an engineer is dispatched, it could lead to the caller being charged more than £100 if the problem is found to be on their property.

This has happened to me on several occasions, but so far in each case the problem has laid outside our boundary, where responsibility rests with BT.

Having had an engineer visit recently, the fault was in a cable some distance away. Thankfully, a new cable has resulted in a better signal.

While we appear to be back up and running, I know that there are many more people in the area who are seemingly plagued with faults.

It is not right that people are paying for a hit and miss service. Answers should be forthcoming as to why these faults are allowed to lay unfixed for so long.

While BT’s profits continue to rise, customer service seems to fall. Collectively, we deserve better.