YOUR VIEW: We can no longer trust politicians

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Reader's letter
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Georgina Harrison mentions a few reasons for election low turnout. All valid but she misses the obvious…

A significant number of us have lost faith in our political system and those standing for election.

Time and again we hear our political parties making commitments they cannot or do not deliver, reverse their position on policies or compromise the fundamental principles of their party.

The last two are particularly telling…

The Conservative Party castigated Labour when they suggested electricity price increases should be capped but now that’s part of the Conservative manifesto.

Labour has always stood for taxing the rich to fund the poor but is now protesting winter fuel allowances being means tested.

Then we have two candidates standing for the upcoming election that feel they can represent local opinion despite living outside the constituency. Contemptuous or what?

I feel we can no longer trust our politicians. Maybe what’s needed is an additional option on our ballot paper – “I decline to vote as I have no faith in the ethical standards of those standing”. Given that option, I bet we would see a significant increase in the number of those that vote.

Georgina, you suggest we study the pledges made by all parties. Given the above and past experience, particularly the false claims made by both sides of the Brexit debacle, how can you realistically expect anyone to trust a single word spouted by any politician?