YOUR VIEW: We also have broadband problems

John Ward's broadband problems
John Ward's broadband problems
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We have had the same problem with broadband as John (Ward’s World, October 13).

From December this year we have had little or no internet.

• Three new routers

• 15 or so engineers (the majority say the line is past its sell by date)

• Hours upon hours on the phone

• Days off work for engineers

Finally, we had internet that was stable for two weeks at 9 mb. Although it cut out about six times in that period, I thought that might be overuse by my son.

I would cut off the phone line if it wasn’t for my children’s school homework and online university entrance.

If I ran my business like they do, I would not have a business for very long.

We are at our wit’s end with this – it causes that many arguments and is the biggest cause of unrest in our home.

I never thought something so trivial would have such an effect on our daily lives.

I am beginning to hate the internet!

It’s okay if you live in the city but us, as a rural community, are going to be left behind.