YOUR VIEW: Voyteck’s message of hope

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce to my local community our Labour parliamentary candidate for South Holland and The Deepings, Wojciech (Voyteck) S. Kowalewski.

Voyteck is an astute businessman and runs his own management consultancy company. He lives in Moulton and has a heart for our communities.

At present, Voyteck is chair of our local Labour party and has worked tirelessly to build up a strong and committed membership so that we can support folk with local issues, be a voice for the voiceless and provide a credible alternative to the Conservative Party.

We have had seven years of unrestrained austerity measures, or cuts, foisted upon us by the two most recent governments; the Conservative/LidDem coalition then the Conservatives.

These measures have resulted in untenable pressures to our NHS and social care, education, police, ambulance, prison service, our standards of living as well as impacting negatively on our environment and even local government. Austerity is a political choice and not a necessity, in other words, our two previous governments have chosen this reckless pathway intentionally rather than examining alternative policies.

Voyteck has promised that he will address our education system to ensure that all of our children have the same opportunities to prosper. He will protect our NHS.

It is heart-breaking that, even in our community, there are many homeless people and many who need to access our foodbanks in order to survive. This is no exaggeration and, contrary to negative comments from regular subscribers to this letters page, many of these people are in work or have previously contributed to our nation but have fallen on hard times. Voyteck echoes our thoughts as he declares that there is “no place for poverty and homelessness”.

Voyteck has also pledged to make our national security his first priority. The Conservatives even cut the military budgets despite claiming that they are the party to trust in order to protect our nation.

Finally, Voyteck has pledged that he will protect our environment. One obvious way to decrease emissions would be to tackle our local transport infrastructure. It is impossible for most workers to use public transport as part of their daily commute. We have set up a crowdfunding appeal in order to help Voyteck reach out to all in our community with his message of hope. Please find it at