YOUR VIEW: Traffic in Pinchbeck will only get worse

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We write in response to the article by Lynne Harrison on the proposed housing development in Spalding Road, Pinchbeck.

I totally agree with what Nigel Greenwood has to say and would also like to share our views with you.

It was a lovely picture in your newspaper of the proposed site entrance, but I would like to invite you to see the view that we will have if this development goes ahead.

We will stand to lose all the wildlife from the site, while our privacy will be non-existent.

So much for moving to a county which we thought prided itself on its conservation areas and greenbelt land.

The traffic we have to deal with has increased fourfold over the three years we have been here.

Therefore we feel that with this new proposed site, bearing in mind that Lincolnshire has an extremely high accident rate as it is, new luxury houses (not even affordable houses for local people) will only increase traffic problems.

It is already a difficult route for pedestrians on this stretch of road, which we believe will get worse. So much for councils and the government trying to encourage us to keep fit and active.

How will local GP surgeries and schools cope with a new influx of residents, especially when we are told they are already stretched.

The development may well provide the opportunity to extend St Mary’s cemetery, but perhaps we should be thinking of those who are still with us.