YOUR VIEW: Time to start listening to Holbeach folk

Holbeach Market in its present location
Holbeach Market in its present location
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Thank you for including my comments about Holbeach market in your article on November 22.

How disappointing that South Holland District Council is not able to stick to the timetable that it set at the public meeting in Holbeach.

A decision should have been made and publicised by now.

Instead, we are told that it has been shared with Holbeach Parish Council, but we, the electorate, are not allowed to know what has been decided. Democracy in action?

Having parked in Boston Road car park last Saturday, I was amazed to find that there was only one market stall.

As it was the stallholders who requested to move to Boston Road, surely they should make the effort to attend?

I am told that it was the market stallholders who raised the issue of the Boston Road car park being used as a means of traffic avoiding the traffic lights on Market Hill.

The general public has been aware of this for many years and have managed to avoid any incident.

It is disappointing that, having caused all of the furore in Holbeach, the stallholders cannot be bothered to provide the service that they profess to want to provide.

Perhaps now it is time that civil servants and local politicians started listening to the tax-paying electorate of Holbeach?