YOUR VIEW: Think before you vote

John Hayes
John Hayes
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“How could UKIP possibly defend standing against John Hayes?” asks Paul Redgate (Lincolnshire Free Press, May 9).

Could it be that although they were for Brexit, they are not necessarily for harsh treatment of the disabled, trashing of the NHS or giving bigger, better tax breaks to the rich?

The Conservatives are making much of the ‘strong Brexit’ thing – it’s a very convenient smokescreen to hide the nasties behind, isn’t it? Focus on Brexit and we can forget all about the people at food banks, homeless on the streets, lack of affordable housing, rising cost of university. Not to mention the systematic destruction of the NHS – there’s no money spare for it we keep being told. There are billions to spare for bombs and foreign wars. Plenty to spare for the corporations who don’t like to pay tax. Small businesses are hounded for owing a mere £100 in any tax year, yet the big boys and bankers don’t even get a slap on the wrist for a few millions.

This election is definitely not all about Brexit.

Each Conservative vote is a vote for yet more cuts in welfare for those most in need. Each Conservative vote is a vote for treating the disabled and those with mental health problems with total callousness.

It’s a vote for an NHS sell-off, a vote for low wages, a vote for enriching the rich and greedy.

As for John Hayes, yes, he does good stuff locally. All politicians do – it’s how you keep the votes coming your way.

So have a good think before you vote folks and be careful what you wish for – the next lot of cuts might be aimed at you.