YOUR VIEW: The stink of injustice

Residents have protested against the anaerobic digester plant
Residents have protested against the anaerobic digester plant
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Those that think the election of district councillors is a means of implementing the democratic will of local people would have had their faith shaken at a South Holland planning committee meeting last week.

More than 50 Tongue End residents crammed the public gallery to witness the decision (by a majority vote) to dump an anaerobic digestion plant in their backyard.

Though some councillors showed backbone and opposed the scheme, not enough did, so a smelly industrial operation requiring substantial traffic movements is about to be built 330 metres from a row of houses.

The scheme offers no advantage to local people, just blighted homes and a mass of inconvenience. Simple calculations put the lie to any “green” credentials and the only certainty is a transfer of wealth through subsidy from ordinary people to a tiny elite.

The planning committee chairman saw fit to cast doubt over the truth of information supplied by local residents, but instructed that a planning officer’s presentation (woolly at best is the kindest description) to be taken as gospel truth.

One veteran councillor objected to the dangers of these plants being highlighted in the residents’ brochure, despite examples being given, chapter and verse.

The Secretary of State will have the final say.

One of the by-products of these anaerobic digestion plants is the smell. If one gets built in Tongue End, it will struggle to create an odour to compete with the stink that emanated from a council chamber last week.

The views expressed in this letter are entirely my own and not necessarily the opinions of other Tongue End residents.