YOUR VIEW: Sutton Bridge is an absolute disgrace

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Reader's letter
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To anyone who may be listening. The town of Sutton Bridge, which is known as the ‘Gateway to Lincolnshire’ is an absolute disgrace this year. The grass has not been cut, it is so long now that when it is eventually cut it could probably be bailed for hay!

The church held their Easter service on the village green last weekend – what must the congregation have thought this year?

We certainly all now appreciate the wonderful job Kevin Portass did when the parish council employed him.

Sutton Bridge is also one of the five main towns in South Holland, I note Spalding grass is cut regularly.

Sutton Bridge looks such a mess. The burnt-out bus shelter should have been replaced immediately and the costs claimed back from the responsible bus company.

The road island by the Co-op was damaged months ago and not repaired.

A sign on East Bank by the RAF memorial was knocked down last year and still lays at an angle.

I contacted South Holland District Council over a month ago regarding the filthy, litter-ridden verges and overflowing bins in the three lay-bys along the A17 east of the historic Swing Bridge, but had no reply and nothing was done.

The local ‘Bloomers’ group are trying their best to make the town look attractive – for goodness’ sake try and support them.