YOUR VIEW: Store and cafe is something we desperately need here

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Planning applications
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Regarding the story in last week’s Spalding Guardian about a store and cafe in West Pinchbeck, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

Something like this is desperately required as we have to travel 5.5 miles to Spalding or nearly three miles to Pinchbeck East.

If I was a younger person I would already have attempted to do something similar, incorporating a post office and licensed cafe open from early morning until licensing hours in the evening as they do in a lot of places already.

There are many community grants available for projects such as these.

West Pinchbeck has no public meeting place for people to socialise any longer so this would be a great step forward. Good luck to them I hope it gets the go-ahead and if it’s successful maybe they could expand on their current ideas in the future.