YOUR VIEW: Spalding broadband drop outs are driving us mad

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We here in Spalding are suffering the same frustration as your columnist John Ward. Using the same exchange (Holbeach) as John, may be the reason. We suffer from connection drop outs on a regular basis, almost daily.

If we received 10 pence for every time we have switched off and waited 10 seconds, we would have a very happy bank manager by now.

These regular drop outs seam to coincide with us upgrading to BT Infinity. We don’t think the problem is at our end because we are now on our third BT wireless router. Work has also been carried out to fit a new cable from a telegraph pole to our property, with the latest connection box – all work carried out by BT’s Openreach division.

When it’s operating correctly, it’s fantastic but the drop outs, which occur any time, day or night, are driving us mad.

Maybe we have to wait until BT has finished its upgrading programme, if this is, in fact, the cause of the problem.

It would be nice, however, if BT warned its customers that there might be disruptions to their service (when the broadband service is working).

We also went via the same Mumbai route as John in a bid to get the phone line problems sorted.

BT have been offering us Wi-Fi home security cameras, but they would be absolutely useless until they sort out their signal problems.

On a lighter note, well done to John, whose column always makes us laugh.