YOUR VIEW:So where is the ‘urgent’ plant?

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Six months on and still no sign of the anaerobic digestion plant earmarked for Tongue End by South Holland’s Conservative-led planning committee.

The residents went to considerable trouble and expense to oppose this so- called “green” scheme that relied on bringing in lorry loads of sugar beet pulp from King’s Lynn.

Such was the serious contribution this plant was going to make to saving the planet, the planning officer backed it and the planning chairman curtailed the detailed contribution of those opposed.

Indeed, the matter was so pressing, they passed plans two years ago for a similar plant four miles away at Pinchbeck.

Unfortunately, it never got built and now we have plans passed for another one at Tongue End that shows no sign of being built either.

It must be clear by now, to even the “greenest” of folk that these schemes are just a scam to enrich a few at the expense of the tax-paying public.

If the greedy ambitions of the farmers who own the land are no longer satisfied by the subsidy system, then what was once so urgent, apparently no longer is a priority.

Meanwhile, the blight on people’s homes continues. If this is an example of local democracy at work, then a nasty stink exists, whether these anaerobic plants get built or not.

John Hayter

Tongue End