YOUR VIEW: Seven new sculptures in Spalding

The unveiling of Joseph Hillier's Spalding Sculpture Trail' last April
The unveiling of Joseph Hillier's Spalding Sculpture Trail' last April
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It was most encouraging to read your columnist Guardian Angel’s paragraph about the “delightful little sculptures” in the last Spalding Guardian. As both the town centre features you enjoyed were the initiatives of the Civic Society, I think I can answer your queries.

The additional seven little bronzes appeared a few days before Christmas. They are all on listed buildings, unlike the earlier ones, and therefore needed ‘listed building consent’.

As this had not then been granted, they had to miss the official unveiling back in the spring. All 14 sculptures now have a small descriptive plate as well on the wall nearby. They form the first instalment of the much larger Market Art Project.

The Hughes pictures have been up for about three weeks. Last year the Society launched a campaign to reduce the large number of shop windows blanked out by vinyl film, which kills footfall and generally blights the appearance of the town centre.

Hughes’s window was included in a double-page show-and-shame feature in one of our newsletters, along with B&M, for example, the Halifax, After Glow and several eastern European premises.

Graham Boor, Hughes’ manager, responded by getting in touch with the society, and together we arrived at the compromise solution of historic pictures of the buildings which had successively occupied the Hughes site over the past 130 years or so.

Many thanks for your support in our efforts to increase the attractiveness of the town centre.