YOUR VIEW: Referendum definitely not needed

John Hayes MP
John Hayes MP
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I agree entirely with John Hayes’ assertion that a second referendum on ‘Brexit’ is not only unnecessary, but it is an abuse of the original referendum, and very similar to the ones in Ireland, where they were insisted upon by the EU, until they got the result they wanted.

However, I disagree with him on the subject of a second referendum on independence for Scotland. To such an extent that I have started a petition through, under the heading “Should England vote on England & Scotland union independence”. Any of your readers who agree with me are welcome to join with me and sign it.

More important is the threat by Nicola Sturgeon, to invoke another ‘independence’ referendum in Scotland, if England (the UK Government) does not agree to her demands. My main issue with their first independence referendum was that the English – joint partners in the union – did not get an opportunity to vote on the splitting of that union.

My personal view is still, that if the English had been given a vote, Scotland would be an independent country by now.

Should Nicola Sturgeon’s threats become reality, it should be made a condition that English voters will get a vote as to the break-up of the union between England and Scotland.

It is absolutely against natural justice to deny one party the opportunity to make their views known, and to be binding on the result. Even in a divorce between married partners, both sides get an opportunity to put their own views!

As an independent country Scotland would then be free to apply to join the EU, and good luck to them.

Similarly the English would not be in the ludicrous position they find themselves today.

That is, the English make a substantial contribution to the Scottish exchequer and allow Scottish MP’s to vote on issues that affect England only.

Whoever came up with that idea was living in ‘cloud-cuckoo land’! By the way, I am not anti-Scottish, just anti-unfairness.