YOUR VIEW: Public opinion is very clear in Holbeach over market and car park entrance

Paul Foyster
Paul Foyster
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The recent Holbeach public meeting regarding the market and car park entrances was the largest demonstration of opinion in our town that I’ve seen for years.

Even now, people are telling me that they would have attended the meeting if they had known about it.

Not everyone reads the local press, even though they did a good job of publicising the event.

Residents were standing in the corridors and the church hall car park to listen and contribute.

It’s not unreasonable that South Holland District Council should ask for suggestions on how to deal with the problem, but there is now no way it can pretend to be ignorant of how we feel about its decisions.

This was miles away from the few letters our Spalding masters say they received.

Various petitions are now circulating around town which should add further weight to the argument, but public opinion is already very clear.

The question now is the best way forward. My own opinion is that appropriate signage restricting access between Park Road and Boston Road with maybe a speed bump and some extra bollards should be sufficient to satisfy the majority of safety concerns.

Failing that, dividing the area into two and keeping both entrances open would be a passable second best.

Clearly cost is something that concerns the district council rather more then the predictable results of whatever changes are made.

The parish council has offered to help with that. I will contribute from my ward budget and I invite the other two Holbeach councillors to do likewise. We should, however, look to use the most cost-effective materials available.

We are told 90-odd vehicles used the area as a shortcut to avoid the traffic lights in a peak hour.

Imagine the queue at the Market Hill traffic lights if you add those to the present traffic.

The lights may need re-sequencing, new road markings may be required and further expense incurred.

The movement of the market looks quite expensive in retrospect.

Who will pay for these probable extra changes? No doubt, some of the section 106 money, which the law states is to be used for public open space, affordable housing, education, highways and town centre improvements, will be earmarked as new building in town increases the problems.