YOUR VIEW: Prepare now for the chaos that will come

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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Small towns like Holbeach are set to double in population.

Even given the commercial developments at Peppermint Junction, there are nothing like enough new jobs to support such a huge increase, it’s a nonsense.

Government policy has created an opportunity for landowners to make a killing and, naturally, they are taking it, as are developers.

It’s perfectly understandable. There has never before been such a sudden and large increase in local building.

Quite a lot of those new homes will be purchased by retired people – there are few proposals to improve the infrastructure to support them.

My personal view is that the housing market will fall off and many of the homes will not be built... but enough will to create chaos.

Conservative councils will do what they’re told by Conservative governments and the last two have just demonstrated very clearly that they are spectacularly bad at predicting the future, over the referendum and the election.

The same applies to housing. Please don’t assume Brexit will reduce immigration. The way it’s going there may be little improvement but even if that’s the case, we will still have far too many market value homes and insufficient social housing.

Local people and parish councils are being steamrolled and given the way this district votes, it’s impossible to stop, though we must continue to try.

In truth, however, the only useful thing we can now do is concentrate on getting infrastructure improvements and on damage limitation.

Medical services, education, social care, roads, leisure, town centres, police, drainage and other areas need urgent attention even now.

When you suspect that you can’t stop something, the second best alternative is to prepare for it well in advance.