YOUR VIEW: Post Office treated us all like peasants

Joan Woolard
Joan Woolard
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Letter sent to Post Office chairman:

Your PA sent me an acknowledgement dated April 26 in response to my letter of April 23 to you complaining about the closure of Fleet Hargate Post Office.

The letter, addressing me as ‘Dear Mrs Woolgate’, informed me that ‘someone will get back to you once their enquiries are completed’. So far I have heard nothing.

A friend told me a reply was published in a local paper. Since our post office was removed, I no longer have access to local or any other papers.

I am due for a replacement hip in July and cannot walk easily, let alone catch buses. If a reply was indeed sent to a local paper, I consider this extreme lack of courtesy to be an insult.

In fact this is typical of the way we peasants are treated; our whole village has been insulted by the total lack of thought, consideration or even basic courtesy, let alone any feeling for the sensibilities of rural communities in general. One day you may be old...