YOUR VIEW: Politics has just become even more unpredictable and dangerous

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Reader's letter
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“Strong and stable” my foot. The PM’s arrogance and desire to decimate her opposition simply hurt the country, Brexit and her own party.

There was no need for this election. She must follow her predecessor and go. We don’t need a weak and unstable government just now. I expected to be embarrassed at the Spalding count, not campaigning was so hard to do, but I doubt it made much difference given the national picture. Conservatives were too dismayed at their overall results to gloat. Politics polarised and UKIP are now in the same place as Scottish Conservatives have been for years. They recovered yesterday and so will we, wait and see what we will have for the country after our Autumn conference.

John, Voyteck and Dan are gentlemen, I know nothing about the other two. We are lucky in our candidates here and brave Jane Smith did exactly what was asked of her. Thank you Jane and all the Ukipers who stuck with us. Congratulations to John, please continue to fight for proper Brexit and do more for the constituency, give the PR stuff and photo opportunities a break. We will not give you such an easy ride next time. Thanks to the Ukipers who stuck with us. I told Voyteck on Thursday night that his second place now makes him the local “national level” opposition, an unexpected role that I found uncomfortable during the last couple of years. The personal silver lining is that I can now concentrate more on district, parish and other local matters.

May lost because of her failures over security, students wanted a free education, voters did not like the proposals to tax the less well off and reduce benefits to people who really need them and she refused to answer questions honestly or engage with ordinary people. It had little to do with the EU. This election has been very damaging. Fasten your seat belts, politics has just become even more unpredictable and dangerous.