YOUR VIEW: Please work together for a better deal

Andrew Bowell
Andrew Bowell
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I was privileged to stand as the Labour Party candidate in the recent county council elections in the Spalding South Ward where I received 259 votes.

The people of Spalding have made their decision, and although I was unsuccessful, I would like to thank all those people who voted for me, and congratulate Christine Lawton on winning the seat.

I would also like to say thank you to all the people who counted the votes; without your hard work the democratic process would not happen.

Spalding is a lovely market town that has suffered from the county council cuts more than other towns and villages, partly because it has no town council.

Spalding desperately needs a town council to look after the town; to ensure it remains clean and tidy; to take on the services that are being stopped by district and county council because of the financial cuts; to improve public transport and provide more bus shelters; to provide litter and dog bins where necessary.

I would therefore like to ask the new and returning councillors to work together to ensure that Spalding gets a better deal, with more cuts due in the future.