YOUR VIEW: Please clean up after your dogs poo

Sutton Bridge village sign
Sutton Bridge village sign
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Two people this week shared their disgust with me over the increase in dog fouling on pavements and litter in our local streets.

One person watched in amazement from inside her house while a woman allowed her dog to poo on the pavement and then walked on. She went outside to complain and the woman denied anything to do with it.

The second person is the chairman of Sutton Bridge Parish Council, who shows his care and commitment to the village by taking a pride in its appearance. He spends a lot of time clearing away litter and taking fly tipping to the local tip. Things came to a head for him this week when he walked from his home to attend a parish meeting and found himself walking in dog poo.

What is it about some dog owners who think the streets are acceptable places for their dogs to defecate? What has happened to the little black bags that slip easily into the pocket and can be transferred when used to safe and hygienic disposal at home?

I regularly walk a friend’s dog and she always gives me a bundle of bags as she hands me his lead, which of course I use to clear up his droppings.

As a child my mother told me to put my sweet wrappers in my pocket to take it home. I still do this.

Two local residents spend their Sunday morning collecting litter from Bridge Road and around the Memorial. I bet they wonder why they bother.