YOUR VIEW: No wonder some resort to fly tipping

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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On Sunday afternoon, I travelled from Holbeach to take my garden rubbish to the tip in West Marsh Road, Spalding.

When we got there, we were told no green garden waste was being accepted at Spalding, Boston, or any other refuse tip in Lincolnshire or nearby.

Do they not realise that this is the time of year when everyone is tidying up their gardens? I felt sorry for the man at the gate having to tell everyone this.

With the amount we have to pay in community charges (and Holbeach is one of the most expensive areas for the charge), I think this is disgusting.

They place such emphasis on people not fly tipping, but I can now begin to understand why people do this.

I felt really annoyed having travelled to Spalding with my little trailer laden only to be told I had got to take it home again and return another time.

How do I know when to go back again? I don’t want yet another wasted journey, time or expense wise. This needs addressing.

EDITOR: The county council has since confirmed that all tips were full of garden waste so they had no more capacity.