YOUR VIEW: More problems with HGVs and grass verges

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Iread with interest your recent article in the Spalding Guardian on HGVs and soft verges and thought that I would bring you up to date on recent events along Roman Bank in Saracen’s Head.

I was pleased to read that Moulton Parish Council 
opposed the extension of cold stores for potato storage on the grounds of increased HGV usage of local roads.

I am sure you know that South Holland District Council planners passed the application.

A similar incident to the school coach and tractor fiasco in Moulton Seas End Road occurred 50 yards up the road from my home on Roman Bank towards Pipwell Gate in February.

This time, a coach full of school children forced my neighbour’s van off the road. It ended up sliding down the soft verge into their front garden and had to be towed out.

I have been told by the county council to remove rocks and gravel that were protecting my verge from use by HGVs. I am now told I must plant grass on the verge. I have pointed out that this will be destroyed in days by the HGVs I am trying to fight against.