YOUR VIEW: Letter was about representation in Lincoln

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Reader's letter
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I thank Nick Worth for his contrition to the debate on who represents Holbeach in Lincoln, because that’s what his letter is about.

I try to avoid personal comments but the theme here seems to be that I can’t see the big picture. I can, it’s not a good one. Perhaps Nick would be wise to concentrate more on the smaller picture. I do understand that is not easy to do when you are a professional politician, are obliged to follow party policy and have senior portfolios on two councils. What comes first I wonder ? A problem that even makes people vote for a Brexit motion on one council and against a nearly identical one on another. When new councillors first arrived at South Holland District Council two years ago, we were told we now represented the council in our wards. Sorry, I prefer to represent my ward at the council.

It may appear easy being an opposition councillor and it’s certainly fun at times but the main emotion I seem to read from some members of the ruling party is complete shock that anyone dares to challenge them by criticising policy. At the higher level that Nick mentions, he should know that is the function of an opposition and if we fail to point out mistakes, we’re not doing our jobs.

I dare say the Parish would perhaps look more closely at taking things on from District if the funding that came with them was adequate. I doubt we would wish to subsidise SHDC’s share of the rates. I am not a senior parish councillor, we are all equal. Nick, however, was the the senior councillor in Holbeach for a long time before I took up politics.

There are too many points in his letter to respond to them all here and we will need to work together, so I’ll say no more.