YOUR VIEW: If you value the NHS, vote Labour

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Reader's letter
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The recently published Conservative Party manifesto included what is being called the Dementia Tax. This proposal would require elderly people receiving social care to fund the entire cost, until they reached their last £100,000 of assets which the state would allow them to keep.

This policy is another step towards privatisation of the NHS by the Conservative Party. Let us not forget that the same Conservative Party was opposed to the formation of a National Health Service at the outset, voting against it 21 times. They didn’t want it in 1948, and have been looking to privatise the NHS ever since.

In the last seven years, under the Premiership of David Cameron, and then Theresa May, the Conservatives have been busy selling off large parts of the NHS to private, for profit companies, whilst at the same time starving the NHS of funds.

This new policy of charging for social care at home is only one step away from charging patients for staying in hospital, and two steps away from charging for a doctor’s consultation.

The decision voters have to make at the General Election on June 8 is:

“Do you want an NHS that is free at the point of delivery, or do you want to pay for being sick or growing old?”

A further five years of Conservative rule could see the demise of the NHS, and the introduction of charges for all health treatment. Is this a risk worth taking?

If, like me, you value the NHS, and you care about the older generation and those that are sick or disabled, then please vote Labour on June 8.