YOUR VIEW: ‘I am not in favour of Holbeach retail outlet near A17’

Nick Worth
Nick Worth
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To make my position crystal clear, I am not in favour of a retail outlet for Holbeach near the A17, despite any impression given by reports in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

I fail to see why my photo should have been used to accompany the story in question.

Maybe a picture of Ken Smith – the man behind the idea – would have been more appropriate?

It makes you wonder if the editor ever reads the story.

While it makes a good news story and I am sure it encourages a lot of comment, it will not be something that I will be supporting.

It was a genuine idea put forward by Mr Smith, a member of the public, at last month’s parish council meeting and it is encouraging to get members of the public coming forward with new ideas that can be debated in the local press.

I have spent many years trying to find a way of making a proper centre for the town in the Chequers Yard area, one that would encourage shoppers from Tesco directly into the town centre.

We have to make more of the huge number of shoppers that go to Tesco and draw them in to benefit the many independent traders in the town.

South Holland District Council supports local retailers with small business rate relief of up to 50 per cent if their rateable value is less than £12,000.

Unfortunately, we have no control of property owners, many of whom continue to charge exorbitant rents, making many businesses unviable.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind.

The district council has recently introduced the Towns of South Holland mobile app, which proves what a wonderful range of independent shops we have in Holbeach. We hope this will encourage more shoppers to visit the town.

Holbeach is a great town, greatly enhanced by the massive floral contributions from the Holbeach in Bloom team of volunteers who this year finally got their coveted gold medal.

A truly fantastic effort and congratulations to them all – their hard work over many years finally paid off.

Editor’s note: The story made it clear that, although Mr Worth thinks the idea of a retail outlet for Holbeach is a good one, he is not in favour of an outlet near the A17. We used his picture because he is a prominent figure who was quoted in the story and, quite simply, we did not have a photograph of Ken Smith.