YOUR VIEW: Don’t let election apathy set in

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Reader's letter
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As the county elections have disappeared into the sunset it’s time to focus on the general election, or have people had enough of going to the ballot box? Well don’t let apathy show the way here as we all know in South Holland and the Deepings there is a Tory stronghold, but there is a better way.

Two years ago, Britain went to the polls and gave the Tories their first majority win since 1992. What about the policies and promises that were going to be delivered? These are my concerns from a very long list of Tory failures.

The NHS was going to be safe in Tory hands and a strong NHS was going to be delivered. Reality is that waiting times have soared, A&E is in meltdown and medics were forced to take action on terms and conditions.

Promise – net migration was going to be cut to below 100,000 people per year. Reality is that migration is running at 273,000 a year.

Promise – safeguard British interests in the EU single market. Reality – Theresa May is pulling us out of the single market as part of her plan for Brexit.

May says follow me, but where to? If she is such a strong and stable leader, why waste two months on an election that she said would not happen yet? Mrs May is so hesitant and unsure that she dodges TV debates with her opponents – this hardly inspires confidence.

Jeremy Corbyn has a different problem here. After continued media attacks from day one there are worries he is not the right leader to deliver. Yet this is what the deal is – Mr Corbyn will introduce a charter of employment rights, bringing fairness into the workplace – Mrs May will not. Mr Corbyn will abolish zero hours contracts – Mrs May will not. Mr Corbyn will raise taxes, but only on the well off. Mrs May will raise taxes, but how? Mr Corbyn will look after our pensioners and will honour the annual increases to pensions. Mrs May will not.

Despite voters wishing for a broader choice it will be down to a two-horse race. I believe we will be better off with a Labour Government than another five years of the Tories under Theresa May. There is a better way.

Labour will invest in infrastructure and new business. Rebuild our NHS and Social Care Services. Give our children and young people a chance to fulfil their potential.

Get May out in June – vote Labour.

Locally in South Holland and The Deepings I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with our prospective parlimentary candidate Voytect Kowalewski, who is a strong, passionate and caring candidate for our constituency, who will work for the many, not the few.